XFO Finishes With A Fury

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XFO – 4/13/2012

Friday the 13th may have a bad luck reputation for some, but depends on which side of the coin is being looked at. XFO returned to the Copernicus Center in Chicago, IL with an all-pro card featuring several XFO vets along with professional debut fighters.
Main event was a battle among welterweights Daniel Vizcaya and Brandon Delprado. Vizcaya was able to control the first round with his advanced grappling ability and size and strength advantage, earning a clear nod on the scorecards for the first round. Second round he bloodied up Delprado and was able to sink in a rear naked choke mid-way through the round, earning the victory.

Co-Main event featured a slugfest between Andrew Krzeptowski and Lawrence Dunning. Both showed well-rounded skills with solid ground games, but the will to stand up and throw strikes. Krzeptowski earned a very close unanimous 29-28 decision.
Dan Aguirre faced off against Justin Robbins. Aguirre was able to use his reach advantage during the fight to keep things where he wanted. Third round came as Aguirre landed a devastating flying knee that rocked Robbins, which lead to a rear naked choke opening, giving Dan Aguirre the win.

Another featured bout was among Adam Ward and Bobby Frerrier. Despite Frerrier weighing in about 10lbs heavy, Ward had no problem with the weight disadvantage where he rocked his opponent with virtually every strike he landed, from punches to leg kicks. Ward made short work of Frerrier, and after an onslaught of strikes, he took Frerrier’s back during a scramble and sunk in a quick rear naked choke.



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