Bisping questions my journalism + More UFC on Fox 2 news

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Matt Giancarlo with Chael Sonnen

With just a day away from UFC on Fox 2 here in Chicago, this week so far has been extremely eventful.  I’ll kick things off with the biggest bang that was made regarding my personal experiences.  Yesterday, Jan 26th, downtown Chicago, the UFC Press Conference was held.  Myself, Matt Giancarlo, was sitting in the 2nd row, and was lucky enough to get the 2nd official question.  My question was concerning saftey issues among Chael Sonnen if he were to possibly win this fight on Saturday and then proceed to fighting Anderson Silva in Brazil – a country which their population that is less than fond of Chael Sonnen.

The way I approached the question, was basically me as myself and not putting on an act trying to be vanilla.  Not only that, I figured I could be one of the few reporters in any sport to make a comedic spark, without being completely insulting.  Here is a link to the video, my segment starts at exactly 27 minutes:

However, if you are not able to watch, the dialogue went on the lines of this:

Matt: This question is for you Dana.  Assuming Chael wins this fight on Saturday, and to be fair is an accurate assumption… Sorry Bisping, I’m just a big Chael fan.
Michael Bisping: Yeah, you look like one.
Matt: Thank you!”

And later after my question was asked, Michael Bisping added “Now can we get a question from a real journalist?”

Let me clear some things up.  What I said, was not an Anti-Bisping comment whatsoever.  It was 100% a pro-Sonnen comment.  I have nothing against Michael Bisping, never met him in my life until yesterday, and didn’t (and still don’t) think what I said was disrespectful.  To be accurate, Bisping is known for getting into comeback-arguements quite easily, which is why I said what I said.  I wouldn’t call myself an MMA fan if I didn’t know that Bisping would fire back at me.  I had no problem being the one for him to make fun of, in order to add some color and excitement into the press conference, instead of the same boring questions: “How was the weight cut?” “Is this a good fight for you?” etc.  Not only that, but I wanted to publically support Chael Sonnen in a way that only Sonnen himself would.

To Michael Bisping if reading:
Regarding your statement about being a real journalist – You got me.  I don’t have a four year degree to type on a computer and show up to MMA events.  But what I’ll say is, I’m a fighter first, journalist second.  The reason why I am involved with MMA News, is because unlike most reporters, I actually know the sport, and have been following it before it was even called Mixed Martial Arts.  I started off as a kid watching UFC 6, and haven’t watched a single football game, basketball game, or hockey game since.  On Fox Chicago, a woman reporter asked Dana White if “Women are involved in UFC fighting”.  I don’t think I need to explain to you why that is a silly question.  How sports commentary has “Color Commentators”, this source of MMA news is brought to you by the same concept.  Regarding what I said at the presser – Nothing personal against you.  I knew you wouldn’t lose sleep over it, and would’ve found it entertaining to get an opportunity to publically make fun of me, which you did, and I laughed about it.  All in good fun, and if I thought that you wouldn’t found a way to make light of it, I wouldn’t have said it.  But I still will publically support Chael Sonnen, whether he’s fighting you, Junior Dos Santos, Dominick Cruz, or Gina Carano.
PS: I still don’t know what a Chael Sonnen fan “looks like”, but with the clothes that I wear and punk rock-related tattoos, I would say I look more like a fan of Dan Hardy’s out of anyone.


Other random news from this week:

Chicago’s Mike Russow said he basically had two training camps in a row for this fight (due to his previous bout with Dave Herman being cancelled).  Says he feels in great shape, and was able to take time off of work to prepare for this fight, giving himself better training than ever.

I got to ask Dana White if Shinya Aoki was ever a possible addition to the UFC in Japan card.  Unfortunately, he did not have an answer for me, saying that he never really knew.  Of course a bout in Japan featuring Aoki in the UFC would be a great interest for fans.  Although unanswered, it was officially brought up to Dana White’s attention as of yesterday.

Brian Ebersole is being considered to coach Team Australia for a future Ultimate Fighter series, however nothing is set in stone, and Dana White stated that when the time gets closer, Ebersole will be one of a handful that will be talked to regarding the position.




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