Ruggio, Ward – Victorious at HFC 8

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August 20th, 2011 – Hoosier Fight Club returned to the Porter County Expo Center for HFC 8, with a triple main event showcase.  Bouts featured Justin Ruggio vs Frank Lester, Jake Murphy vs Phillipe Nover, and Adam Ward vs David Love.

Adam Ward vs David Love

First of the triple main event was a fight between Adam Ward and David Love.  David Love, a replacement for the original slated opponent, Andy Main, came into this fight on a submission win over Dustin Neace, and a razor thin decision loss against Jeff Curran.  Ward, originally prepared for Main, took the center of the cage as the bout began, and utilized his long reach to outstrike Love.  A couple of minutes in, Ward landed a powerful right cross that dropped Love onto the canvas, however was able to recover in guard.  Ward maintained top position, escape an armbar attempt, and eventually let up back to their feet, where he again took advantage of his reach in the fight.  Second round came out with both fighters throwing punches and kicks, resulting in another powerful right cross stunning David Love.  Ward and Love soon clinched, where Ward threw a knee to the jaw that dropped Love back onto the floor, as Ward teed off with punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight, declaring Adam Ward the winner by TKO in the 2nd round.

Jake Murphy vs Phillipe Nover

The next featured main event bout was a fight between Jake Murphy and “Ultimate Fighter 8’s” Phillipe Nover.
This is how the fight went in my eyes (Matt Giancarlo):  After the fighters touched gloves, Nover made quite a few people believe that the fight was going to be over in 30 seconds when he cause Murphy’s knees to buckle after every punch landed.  However, Jake Murphy was able to overcome that after the initial 30 seconds, and secure a takedown.  After failed submission attempts by Nover, his only answer was to attempt to scramble back to his feet, however Murphy showed far superior wrestling, and was able to continue to keep top position, and take Nover down continuously, every time Nover attempted to get back to his feet.  That went on for two rounds (minus the initial power striking in the first 30 seconds)  Basically for 9 minutes and 30 seconds, Murphy had Nover either against the cage, sitting down, or on his back, with occasional strikes to the body and head.  Clear rounds for Murphy.  Third round was similar, however Nover worked a little bit better with submission attempts, and was able to maintain top position of the scrambles for about half of the round.  Although it was a close round, I personally scored the third to Nover. Judges however gave Nover a very controversial nod, which baffled the audience.

Justin Ruggio vs Frank Lester

The final bout was between Justin Ruggio, and “Ultimate Fighter 9’s” Frank Lester.  Both fighters came out throwing strikes, staying technical in their exchanges for the first few minutes.  Towards the end of the first round, Ruggio secured a takedown and started to work his ground and pound before the round ended.  Second round was similar, however Ruggio saw that he had the advantage in the wrestling department, so he went for a takedown a little earlier in the round.  He shot in for a double leg and lifted Lester up, just to slam him back down, as he mainted top position and worked in punches until the round ended.  Rounds 2-0 to Ruggio so far, as the third began.  Some striking exchanges back and forth, Ruggio shot in for a takedown attempt, but somewhat halted.  With Ruggio on both knees, Lester threw an illegal head kick to Ruggio, sending him back against the cage fence, where Lester ran in to tee off.  Referee Robert Hinds went in to pull Lester off regarding the illegal kick, however it took a couple of seconds for Lester to let up.  The fight was declared a DQ, giving Ruggio the win.
In the post fight interviews, both suggested a rematch, and Lester said the kick was on instinct, and that he didn’t know that Ruggio was on his knees.  Some spectators in the audience believed that Lester was looking for a way out of the fight without actually losing a decision, however there is clearly no evidence to support that.

Professional bout results:

  • Bobby Emmons def Terry House via Tapout due to Triangle Choke in 4:01 of the 1st Round
  • Kevin  Nowaczyk  def Daniel Head via Tapout due to Rear Naked Choke in 3:43 of the 3rd Round
  • Jake Rosenbaum def Zach Harvey via TKO in 4:02 of the 1st Round
  • Aaron Noel def Tim Duncan via TKO in :39 of the 1st Round
  • Adam Ward  def  David Love via TKO in 4:09 of the 2nd Round
  • Phillipe Nover def Jake Murphy via Unanimous Decision (29-28)
  • Justin Ruggio def Frank Lester via DQ (illegal kick)


*Keep in mind, my rant has nothing to do with Hoosier Fight Club, nor do the decisions that the judges score fights.  All pro MMA events are sanctioned by the state athletic comissions.  The promoters and comissions are completely different apartments, and never do a unified job.  Promoters schedule, pay fighters, and matchmake.  Comissions send the officials including refs, judges, and time keepers.  That is how all sanctioned professional MMA events work.  Hoosier Fight Club is a top MMA promotion in the midwest, and I am always excited to attend each and every one of their events, as they continue to do excellent work.  I am also not targeting the entire Indiana State Athletic Comission either; only the way certain judges score certain fights, and whoever the Comission director is that is responsible for training and hiring of the judges.



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