Andy Main victorious at Hoosier Fight Club 6

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January 14th marked the return of “Ultimate Fighter 12” contestant Andy Main, who went to battle against the Chicago area based Bobby Reardanz, at Hoosier Fight Club 6 in Valparaiso, IN.  Main was shown on the Ultimate Fighter 12 where he suffered defeat against local veteran Kyle Watson, who was in attendance as well, this time cornering his former opponent Andy Main.

The fight started with a few strikes, however Main was quick to work a takedown.  Although unable to pass the guard entirely of Reardanz, he was able to stay active enough during the round to attempt better positioning, and work punches to soften his opponent.  The second round started nearly the same, however midway through, Reardanz after being mounted was able to reverse positioning and end up on top.  After throwing down heavy leather on Main, he found himself caught in a tight triangle.  Soon after defending the submission attempt, he was caught in an armbar, this time forced to tap out, giving Andy Main the victory.

Co-Main event was a first for Hoosier Fight Club, having a female mixed martial arts bout. Local favorite Felice Herrig faced off against Barb Honchak of St. Louis, MO.  The fight was a back-and-forth battle among the two fighters, where Herrig favored the boxing, and Honchak working the clinch.  Although a very close fight, Honchak simply was able to utilize her superior strength and wrestling ability to press the action against the fence and control the fight.  The third round being nearly too close to call quickly gained the obvious judge’s decision, where Honchack delivered a devastating spinning backfist, rocking Herrig almost all the way to the canvas.  That significant strike possibly decided who the victor was. gave the fight to Honchak by a 29-28 decision, Honchak taking rounds 1 and 3, Herring round 2.

A highly touted bout of the night featured Aaron Noel’s pro MMA debut against HIT Squad’s Ed Smith.  Noel was able to outstrike Smith, however the amount of striking was limited during the fight, where as movement was more in-play, along with takedowns by Smith.  A split decision was given to Ed Smith, although was justified by the amount of takedowns that he scored during the fight compared to the amount of successful striking exchanges.

Tony Wisniewski of Duneland Vale Tudo went up against Robbie Nieto in a fight that was nearly all striking.  Starting out slowly with cautious efforts, the welterweight bout worked it’s way up from a steady comfortable pace in round 1, all the way to a one punch knockout ending, giving the victory to Wisniewski in round 3, where the striking action progressed to its most active point of the fight. awards Tony Wisniewski for the “Knockout of the Night” winner.

In this exciting bout, and “Fight of the Night” winner, Adam Ward of Gilbert Grappling faced off against Hit Squad’s Lydell Rhodes in the 145lb division.  Both fighters looking to exchange punches had the fans on their feet.  The fight started with Rhodes refusing to touch gloves with Ward.  Exchanges soon began with Adam Ward attacking his opponent with punches and kicks, as Rhodes looked for heavy counters.  Soon they seemed to have switched roles in the fight, where Lydell Rhodes began to swing heavy leather, and Ward became to counter puncher.  Several head kicks and solid straight punches thrown by Adam Ward, he was able to get the better of the exchanges by staying composed to Rhodes’ wild punching style, and succesfully defended takedown attempts, including nearly sinking in a rear naked choke at the end of round 1.

The fight on’s at that point was 10-9 Ward, as both fighters exchanged again.  Lydell’s attempts to throw heavy punches to Ward gave the crowd a loud reaction, however the HIT Squad protege Rhodes found himself getting caught with much sharper strikes during his brawl like tactics, and began to bleed from the nose.  After a few more exchanges, he then worked a takedown on Ward, however was quickly put in a triangle choke in the process.  Lydell Rhodes unable to escape the triangle choke, he was forced to tap, advancing Ward’s pro record to 3-1.

Another “of the night” award winning fight went to Joe Benoit vs Ken Jackson.  Fighters touched gloves, as Benoit looked to stand up and strike during the bout, however was quickly taken down by the HIT Squad welterweight.  Jackson began to work for positioning and control on top, looking for guard passes and to keep his opponent Joe Benoit flattened on the canvas.  The much larger Ken Jackson was able to do so with his weight and strength, however soon after Joe Benoit managed to re-guard, he quickly loaded an armbar, forcing Jackson to tap immediately.  If one were to blink their eyes during the fight, it would have been possible to miss the extremely fast submission.  Joe Benoit advanced his pro record to 11-4, and is awarded “Submission of the Night”

Official results:

  • Joel Wyatt def Tim Hemmingway – TKO Rd 1
  • Jake Rosenbaum def Brandon Wood – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Rd 1
  • Mike Santiago def Jeff Green – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Rd 1
  • Adam Ward def Lydell Rhodes – Submission (Triangle Choke) – Rd 2
  • Nick Wayne def Bobby Emmons – TKO (Did not answer to bell) – Rd 1
  • Joe Benoit def Ken Jackson – Submission (Armbar) – Rd 1
  • Tony Wisniewski def Robbie Nieto – KO (Rd 3)
  • Ed Smith def Aaron Noel – Decision (Split)
  • Barb Honchak def Felice Herrig – Decision (Unanimous)
  • Andy Main def Bobby Reardanz – Submission (Armbar) Rd 2



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