It took little over a minute for Beebe to get back on track from his loss at DREAM just weeks ago, when he stepped in the cage with 13-1-1 at the time Jared “The Spider” McMahan.  With the touch of gloves, Beebe was quick to viciously assault the nearly undefeated fighter Jared McMahan.  Beebe showed far superior striking in the battle, nearly tagging McMahan at will with both punches and kicks, buckeling the legs of his foe on multiple occasions.  McMahan attempted to close the distance to avoid punishment, however Beebe agreed, and with his wrestling pedigree he dominated with grappling control against the fence, and uppercuts and knees, punishing “The Spider”.  After both fighters seperating to exchange strikes yet again, Beebe threw another hard-connecting punch that dropped McMahan to the canvas.  Beebe was able to smell blood and pounced on McMahan, grabbing a tight guillotine choke, and submitting the BJJ Purple Belt almost instantly, causing McMahan to anxiously tap, and then pass out during the process.  Beebe boosted his record to 16-7 after Chicago Cagefighting Championship 2.

Co-Main event featured fan-favorite Mike Lullo against a local vet Tyler Combs.  Lullo came into the fight showing superior wrestling and was able to take the fight to the ground.  In the very first round with Lullo hovering over Combs’ open guard throwing kicks to the legs, Combs during the fight decided to turn his head away to scream and curse at the ref, demanding a standup.  A reminisce of the UFC Marquardt/Palhares fight, Lullo capitilized during Combs’ mid-fight conversation with the ref, and threw down punches and gained secure top position.  With all three rounds being nearly the same of Lullo holding position on top, Combs was able to get Lullo to his back, however did him no good, getting caught in an armbar in the third round.

Jason Guida returned to the Chicagoland area, however fell short against the 6’5″ Nick Rossborough, losing a unanimous decision after three rounds.  Rossborough was able to use his reach on Guida with jabs, and then able to close the distance to press Guida against the fence.  Although there were no possible finish attempts in the fight, Guida was unable to get out of his defensive positions.

Another highlighted fight of the night featured Gilbert Grappling’s Adam Ward facing off against Duneland Vale Tudo’s Bryan Fielder.  With Fielder coming in as the more experienced professional fighter, and Ward, a usual 145lb fighter going up in weight for the fight, Fielder on paper looked to be the favorite in the fight.  Ward however quickly changed the minds of those favoring Fielder in the fight when he stunned Fielder in the beginning of the fight with punches, and quickly took the back of his opponent on a takedown attempt.  After three rounds of dominant striking, and Ward controlling the back of Fielder, each round mimicking eachother, Ward took a unanimous decision.

Official Results:

  • Ricky Johnson def James Gleissner (TKO – Rd 2)
  • PJ Casillias def Colton Martin (TKO – Rd 2)
  • Nate Patrick def Kris Blaney (TKO – Rd 2)
  • Nic Thompson def Matt Hong (TKO – Rd 1)


  • Adam Ward def Bryan Fielder (Unanimous Decision)
  • Dennis Dombrow def Ray Grindstaff (Submission – Triangle/Armbar – Rd 1)
  • German Reyes def Frank Pizzirulli (Unanimous Decision)
  • Ryan Williams def Ryan Bixler (Unanimous Decision)
  • Nick Rossborough def Jason Guida (Unanimous Decision)
  • Mike Lullo def Tyler Combs (Submission – Armbar – Rd 3)
  • Chase Beebe def Jared McMahan (Submission – Guillotine Choke – Rd 1)



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