Kolosci finishes Luigi Fioravanti at Hoosier Fight Club 4

Posted by Matt Giancarlo on June - 12 - 2010 with Comments Off on Kolosci finishes Luigi Fioravanti at Hoosier Fight Club 4

It has been a long journey for John Kolosci since December 8th of 2007, Kolosci’s fight with Matt Arroyo at the Ultimate Fighter 6 finale.  After compiling a 5-1 record since that night, John Kolosci faced and defeated his biggest challenge of his entire career, Luigi Fioravanti.  In a matter of just 42 seconds, John Kolosci was able to rattle the seasoned 9x UFC vet with a hard right cross, dropping Fioravanti to the canvas.  With Fioravanti on the canvas nearly out of the fight from the punch, Kolosci immediately capitalized on the situation, taking to back of Fioravanti, and sinking in the rear naked choke, forcing a tap out.  Undoubtedly the biggest win John Kolosci has achieved so far, talk of a possible UFC return was mentioned in the post fight interview with ring announcer Ray Flores.  With UFC 119 taking place in Indianapolis, Kolosci’s return to the UFC is a great possibility.

In the co-main event, light-heavyweights Anthony Gomez and Lew Polley slugged it out for three rounds, easily earning fight of the night.  Gomez, who has been on the lookout for a major MMA organization contract, earned himself a victory over Polley, which could very well be a ticket into an promotion such as the UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator.

Making his lightweight debut, Mark Miller won a unanimous decision over Charles Wilson.  Miller looked very comfortable on his feet despite Wilson’s unorthodox striking, however dominated on the ground the majority of the fight with takedowns, punches, and elbows.  A very well fresh start in a new weight class for Miller.

On an unfortunate note, three fights scheduled to be on the card were cancelled last minute.  To clear up any confusion, that decision was not made by Hoosier Fight Club, it was a decision made by the Indiana State Athletic Commission.  Although I do not work for HFC nor can speak for their promotion, I would be willing to bet everything I own that if it were up to them, all fights would have remained in action as scheduled.  In all states that sanction mixed martial arts, each event is completely governed by the commission.  From judges to referees, to doctors, the commission controls all of the rule making.  If the Hoosier Fight Club promoters were to say no to the commission and attempt to have the three fights take place regardless, it would simply be illegal.  That being said, for those in attendance, fighting, cornering, or not in attendance and may have heard words being passed around, this should clear everything up.  I, Matt Giancarlo was very impressed by the event, and know firsthand what it’s like to be a fighter who made weight, and finding out on fight night about a cancellation.  With that, I can personally say it happens all of the time, and I feel both the Gomez/Polley fight, and the Kolosci/Fioravanti fight more than made up for the bad news of the night.

For photos of the undercard, click here*.  Main event and co-main photos along with undercard will be on www.thrumyeye.com during the week.
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