Keith Wisniewski submits Ted Worthington – XFO 35

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XFO made its return to the Copernicus Center in Chicago, IL, featuring nine mixed martial arts bouts.  The event started off with one amateur fight, ending in only a matter of 20 seconds, where Mike Ryan defeated Bill Blackwell via armbar.  On his second pro fight, Carson Beebe advanced his professional record to 2-0, defeating Joe Voitik in the very first round by rear naked choke.  Beebe was able to secure a takedown, and control position.  On a scramble and takedown attempt done by Voitik, Beebe was able to sprawl and transition to the back of Voitik, securing his hooks and sinking in the choke. 
                In just the third fight of the night, two veterans of the sport clashed, as Bill Hill faced off against Dan Bolden, however ended in a controversy.  Bolden quickly scored a takedown early on in the round, however Hill was able to escape off his back, and defend further takedown attempts.  The round was very back and forth, with takedowns, sweeps, and scrambles; both fighters wanting to maintain top position.  Second round was much the same of the first, however with Hill on top throwing punches, Bolden flailed his hand behind his head, pointing to the referee that the back of his head was illegally being struck.  The ref considered it a tap out, and called the fight.

Another controversial fight featured Jake Murphy of Gilbert Grappling vs Mike Santiago of team Top Notch.  Within the first couple seconds of the fight, the Illinois state wrestling champion Jake Murphy quickly secured a takedown, and was able to push Santiago against the fence, where he began to throw down punches.  Santiago eventually worked his way up against the fence, and on another takedown attempt by Murphy, he was able to lock in a reverse triangle.  Seemingly tight, Murphy eventually defended his way out of it, and finished his original takedown attempt.  The round ended with Santiago throwing elbows from his guard, as Murphy threw down punches.  The second round opened up with a hard right hand delivered by Santiago, however was taken down again.  Murphy was able to control the top position, and stayed active with punches until the round ended.  Third round was much the same, however instead of Santiago opening up with a punch, he opened up with a hard knee that rocked Murphy, however not enough to stop his explosive takedown, and control Santiago for the rest of the round with position control and punches.  With the audience nearly certain that the winner of the bout was Jake Murphy, ring announcer Ray Flores announced that the two of the three judges have selected Santiago as the winner by Split Decision.  Regardless of the judge’s vote, both fighters showed heart and determination, and put on an excellent fight. 

However with two controversial judgments made by the athletic commission, Kevin Nowaczyk and Matt Tobie brought back the positive excitement into the building, where they earned’s Fight of the Night.  The fighters both stood and traded punches and kicks for three straight rounds, and at a rapid pace at that.  The best part of the fight was is the fact that although they traded strikes for 15 minutes, it was not a “slug fest”.  Both fighters kept each punch, kick, and knee technical and well thought out.  From footwork to head movement, the fight was action packed and delivered to the audience.  Nowaczyk earned the split decision victory (30-27 twice Nowaczyk, and 29-28 Tobie)

Co-Main event was in the heavyweight division Boban Simic and Rashad Brooks.  Both fighters landed hard punches, kicks, and knees throughout the fight, including spinning back fists done by both fighters, and a spinning heel kick landed by Brooks, causing a cut to open up on the forehead of Simic.  In the third round, Simic quickly went for a takedown.  Securing mount, Boban rained punches until the referee called the fight.  After his win, he called out Tim Sylvia during his post-fight interview.

In the main event, UFC/IFL/Bodog vet Keith Wisniewski went head to head Ted “Red” Worthington – a veteran of over 50 professional fights.  Wisniewski, coming off of a recent win against UFC vet Pete Spratt, clinched with his opponent Worthington, and took the fight down to the canvas.  Wisniewski was able to maintain side control, and soon trapped the arm of Worthington leading to a crucifix position.  From that point, Wisniewski easily transitioned into mount, raining down elbows to finish the round.  Second round started off with a hard body kick delivered by Duneland Vale Tudo’s Keith Wisniewski.  With a taunt by Worthington, he threw a kick to the leg of Wisniewski.  Seconds after the kick was delivered, Worthington was taken down with a body lock, and was stuck in side control.  Wisniewski began to mount, and in a scramble attempt, Worthington became desperate for a submission, attempting an ankle lock.  Wisniewski quickly grabbed onto Worthington’s leg as an answer, and locked in a heel hook, causing Worthington to immediately tap out.  Simply put, Wisniewski made the fight look easy, despite Worthington being a very credible veteran of the sport.  In Ray Flores’ post-fight interview, the Duneland Vale Tudo welterweight expressed that he would like to get back into the UFC as soon as possible, which now with a win over both Spratt and Worthington, seems very likely.

Official Results:

  • Mike Ryan def Billy Blackwell – Submission (Armbar) – Rd 1
  • Carson Beebe def Joe Voitik – Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Rd 1
  • Bill Hill def Dan Bolden – Submission (Strikes) – Rd 2
  • Jonatas Novaes def Ryan Bixler – Submission (Armbar) – Rd 1
  • Mike Santiago def Jake Murphy – Decision (Split)
  • Peter Grimes def Bobby Reardanz – TKO – Rd 2
  • Kevin Nowacyzyk def Matt Tobie – Decision (Split)
  • Boban Simic def Rashad Brooks – TKO – Rd 3
  • Keith Wisniewski def Ted Worthington – Submission (Heel Hook) Rd 2



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