Bellator 14 Live Play-By-Play and results

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Bellator 14 at the Chicago Theater in Chicago, IL. Event starts: 6:00PM Central (7:00 Eastern). For live updates, hit Refresh, or press f5 on your keyboard.

  • Ryan Sturdy vs. Louis Taylor
    Louis Taylor and Ryan Sturdy both enter cage.  Fighters touch gloves.  Feeling out process starts on the feet, as fighters clinch.  Sturdy pushes Taylor against fence, however is spun around.  Louis Taylor lands a devastating headkick, earning a knockout victory early in the first round.  Official time: 1:08, Rd 1


  • Pat Curran vs. Mike Ricci
    Mike Ricci makes his entrance to the cage, followed by Pat Curran.  Fighters touch gloves.  Curran starting off with leg kicks, leading to a push kick to the stomach of Ricci.  Ricci answers with a kick to the body.  Both fighters exchange kicks to the legs and body, Curran favoring the foot jab.  Curran lands a hard right hand, dropping Ricci to the canvas, as the ref stops the fight due to TKO. Official time: 3:01, Rd 1 


  • Shad Lierley vs. Wilson Reis
    Wilson Reis shoots for a takedown, however Lierley wants no part of going to the ground with Reis.  Both fighters swinging for the fences. Reis scores a takedown after getting peppered with punches.  Reis passes to half guard, and then into full mount.   Lierley escapes and brings the fight back to the feet where he has a clear reach advantage.  Reis again scores a takedown and takes the back of Lierley. On a reversal, Lierley takes the back of Reis and turns it into a takedown of his own.  Reis quickly scrambles, and scores one last takedown to end the round.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: Reis 10, Lierley 9
    Second round comes with a takedown attempt by Reis, however flattened to his back.  Quickly after, Reis scramlbes and finishes his takedown.  Reis in the full guard of Lierley, passes to half guard.  Fighters scramble back to their feet.  Wilson attempts a single leg takedown and dumps Lierley onto the canvas, landing in full guard.  Reis passes to half guard and seems unable to advance position.  Wilson begins to throw punches to the body to stay busy.  Lierley re-guards, as the round ends.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10 – Reis, 9 – Lierley
    Third round opens up much like the first two with a takedown by Reis, landing in half guard.  Reis takes full mount.  Wilson Reis maintains top position, and transitions to the back of Lierley.  Sinking in a rear naked choke, Reis earns a 3rd round submission victory.  Official time: 3:33, Rd 3


  • Ben Askren vs. Ryan Thomas
    Ben Askren and Ryan Thomas enter the cage.  Fight starts as Askren eats a right cross.  Askren closes the distance and scores a takedown.  Thomas quickly puts Askren in a triangle choke, however Askren pulls out.  Thomas scrambles to attempt to get to his feet, but Askren takes him down again.  Thomas again scrambles but caught in a Guillotine Choke.  The ref stops the fight due to technical submission, giving Askren the win, however Thomas claims he was still awake and alert, nor tapped.  Referee David Smith is boo’d by fans.  Official Time: 2:40, Rd 1


  • James Krause vs Toby Imada
    Both fighters tag eachother early with punches.  Krause begins to throw leg kicks.  On a kick, Imada grabs the leg of Krause and brings the fight to the ground.  Krause scrambles and gains top position.  Krause stands up to exit the guard of Toby Imada, as the bell soon rings
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10 – Krause, 9 – Imada
    Krause throws a knee at the start of the second round but is taken to the canvas by Imada.  A reversal by Krause gives him top position, however was quickly reversed once again.  Back and forth position changing among the two fighters.  Imada passes guard and throws punches.  Krause grabs the legs of Imada and finishes yet another takedown.  Imada attempts and armbar from his back and is successful, earning the win.  Official Time: 2:44, Rd 2


  • Felice Herrig vs. Jessica Rakoczy
    Felice Herrig enters the cage with Josh Barnett in her corner.  Felice Herrig comes out with a leg kick, but suprised with a quick ending of a feeling out process as Jessica Rakoczy throws a flurry of punches and clinches.  Felice Herrig scores a takedown and attempts a guard pass.  “Drive Forward” is yelled by cornerman Josh Barnett, however is brought back into the guard of Rakoczy.  Rakoczy reverses position and takes top.  With 10 seconds left of the round, Felice Herrig reverses, gaining top position and rains down punches.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10-9 Herrig
    Second round begins with an early clinch.  Herrig lands a knee and gets pressed against the fence.  She pulls guard on Rakoczy, however is slammed onto the canvas as a result.  Felice Herrig attempts a triangle choke from guard and transitions to an armbar.  Rakoczy is able to escape the submission and take the fight back to the feet.  Again both fighters clinch, and Rakoczy slams Herrig after a guard jump.  Both fighters scramble back to the feet.  Herrig pushes the action with kicks, as the bell soon rings.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10-9 Herrig
    Third round begins with punches and kicks from both fighters.  Herrib throwing the jab to stay active and attempts a double leg takedown, however unsuccessful.  They remain in the clinch throwing knees, as Rakoczy presses Herrig against the fence.  Fighters seperate as Rakoczy lands a right cross.  Herrig answers with a hook and a kick.  Jessica Rakoczy comes in hard with punches knowing she needs to make an impact in the last round.  Herrig shoots in for a takedown but is again unsuccessful.  Rakoczy pushing the action with punches, however seems to be too late as the final bell rings.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10-9 Rakoczy
    Official Judges’ Decision: Felice Herrig (Split Decision)


  • Jeff Curran vs. Bryan Goldsby
    Fighters touch gloves.  Goldsby throws a cross to the body followed by a leg kick.  Goldsby lands a hard left hook, and then an accidental kick to the groin.  After a restart, Goldsby misses a headkick and eats a hard punch by Curran.  Curran seems to be looking to counter punch in the exchange.  On an exchange, Curran eats a cross, but goes down to the mat at a guard pull attempt.  Golsby postures and throws big punches, then stands up from Curran’s guard.  Curran has a gash on the side of his head bleeding heavily.  Goldsby chases Curran across the cage with punches and kicks.  Bell rings.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10-9 Goldsby
    Second round opens up with a side kick thrown by Curran.  Goldsby using his reach is pushing forward with headkick attempts, slightly missing.  Goldsby misses a big overhand right.  Curran shoots on Goldsby but is tossed with a lateral drop on the attempt.  Goldsby working from side control.  Another cut is opened on the cheek bone of Curran.  A big flurry is unloaded on Curran with punches, as Curran throws an uppercut in return.  Curran’s face is covered in blood.  Curran taunts Goldsby by bending over and slapping his behind.  Fighters exchange more punches. 
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10-9 Goldsby
    Goldsby opens the round with a leg kick, as Curran follows back with a body kick of his own.  Curran attempts a takedown but Goldsby has none of it.  Curran looking for bigger punches knowing he is behind on the scorecards. Jab-Cross landed on Goldsby by Curran.  Golsby lands a left on Curran, as Curran answers back with a kick to the body.  Goldsby throws another kick to the groin, that had a noise that echoed from the back of the building.  Curran quickly recovers.  Both fighters swinging, Curran the aggresor.  Bell rings.
    Chicago MMA Scoring: 10-9 CurranOfficial Judges’ Scoring: Bryan Goldsby (Unanimous Decision)




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