MMA at the Max features night of Amatuer MMA excitement

Posted by Matt Giancarlo on January - 29 - 2010 with Comments Off on MMA at the Max features night of Amatuer MMA excitement

McCook, IL featured an all amatuer MMA event on Saturday, January 23rd, with the main event consisting of bantamweights Danny Aguirre vs Jorge Gonzalez.  The card featured fighters all around the south/west parts of chicago all the way to Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Some highlighted fights of the night featured Mike Aguirre making his long-awaited debut against Robert Blankenship.  Aguirre, the stronger fighter was able to impose his will on Blankenship with wrestling and ground and pound, causing Blankenship to tap from strikes in the very first round, giving Aguirre a 1-0 MMA record.

Another anticipated fight by fans was between Force Wrestling head coach Joey Arqulla vs Bobby Kpa.  First round consisted of consistent takedowns and control by Arqulla, winning the round.  In the second round, a tired Arqulla took punishment on the feet with kicks and punches delivered by Kpa, however was able to take Kpa down to the mat once again and use his control.  Third round opened up with a kick and spot-on spinning back fist done by Kpa which had Arqulla stunned, however he managed to take Kpa down and earn a TKO victory by ulitilizing the crucifix position and adding strikes to the mix until the ref was forced to stop the fight.

Co-Main event was a 140lb matchup between 9-1 Greg Reddington vs Josh Johnson.  Both with a large fanbase in support, Reddington showed superior wrestling, strength, and athleticism by being able to control the pace of the fight.  Johnson showed heart and determination and survived, however Reddington took the first round without question.  Second round came as both fighters spent slightly more time on their feet exchanging punches and kicks, until eventually Reddington scored a takedown on Johnson, and was able to maintain top position for the rest of the round.  Third round approached and kicked off with another takedown by Reddington.  Gaining the mount position, Johnson turned over giving up his back, however was able to escape just before the bell rang.  Greg Reddington was announced the winner by unanimous decision.

Main Event came as Danny Aguirre met in the center of the cage with Jorge Gonzalez.  The fight only lasted 50 seconds, where Gonzalez went for in for a takedown, getting caught in a tight guillotine choke in the process.  Aguirre, holding onto his submission attempt was able to use the cage to stand as he then turned Gonzalez over, forcing a tap.



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