Duneland Classic VI – A Night of MMA Action

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FinalEditedDunelandClassicVI24x36_eOn September 12th, 2009, Crown Point, Indiana featured a night of live MMA as Keith and Justin Wisneiwski and Mark Burch put together another classic fight card, without a pun intended.  The Duneland Classic VI could only be described with one word – “intense.”

The event showcased 10 bouts of mixed martial arts, kicking off with Brad Levin of Duneland Vale Tudo vs Rob Morrow of 11th Dimension.  With back and forth punches on a slippery canvas from condensation being an outdoor event, Levin was able to maintain top position and keep his posture, while working a ground and pound for the majority of the fight from Morrow’s guard, winning a unanimous decision.  Also during the preliminary card, Nick Wayne defeated Matt O’Donnel by TKO, Jeremy Downs defeated Justin Felix by TKO, Stephen Roberson defeated Mike Heartline by TKO, and Brian Fielder defeated Jake Himes by technical submission due to guillotine choke.

As the main card started, Charles “The One” Wilson took on Kris Boyden.  As the fight started, although Boyden wearing Muay Thai shorts in the fight, was quick to shoot on Charles Wilson and execute a takedown, however was quickly put into a triangle choke.  As Wilson tightened his legs, Boyden was unable to defend the submission, and was force to tap out in the very first round.

Next fight in line was a much anticipated matchup among John Kolosci and Scott Sands.  Looking back, an preview of this fight was written and was be predicted to be “fight of the night.”  Article can be read here.

Fighters touched gloves, as Kolosci fired off with big punches, that landed in a clinch among the fighters.  With both fighters reversing position against the cage, John Kolosci was able to score a double leg takedown, and maintained top position.  Kolosci then went on to mount Sands and threw punches, but the bell soon rang.
Second round opened up with a leg kick done by Kolosci, which lead to Sands closing the distance and pushed Kolosci against the fence.  However, Kolosci showed his experience and was able to turn Scott around and soon get another takedown.  With an attempt to stand, Kolosci took Sands’ back and utilized a suplex to get him back onto the canvas.  Scott Sands was later able to escape off of his back, and score a takedown of his own.  Working from positions, Kolosci managed to get up and rock Sands with a punch before the round ended.
To Sands’ credit, he was able to show his heart and will, as he quickly shot for a takedown in, but was defended by Kolosci.  Kolosci returned with a takedown of his own, but Sands was soon to get up, and in doing so, he kept fighting through and landed big knees on Kolosci, which had him a bit stunned, and opened up a cut on his forehead.  The fighters squared off, with both landing big punches, as if it was a live action game of Rock Em Sock Em Robots.  The final bell rang, as both fighters showed their respect towards eachother.  All fans were on their feet awaiting the decision.  Ring announcer Ray Flores read off the official decision, which was a 29-28, unanimous decision for John Kolosci.  This fight clearly lived up to its hype, and earned the fight of the night thanks to both fighters showing their incredible heart and talent.

In the lightweight division, local favorite Darren Elkins met int he cage with Ted Worthington, coming in from Iowa.  Fighters took their places, as Worthington threw a punching combo that had Elkins rocked.  After an unsuccessful takedown attempt by Elkins, Worthington landed another combo that had Elkins stunned on the feet, causing the ref to stop the fight declaring it a TKO at just 13 seconds of round number one.  Fans booed and questioned the ref’s choice to stop the fight.  A contreversial judgement was made and was argued that the floor was slippery, which was clearly seen in the previous fights due to the dampness of the outdoor environment.  A slip may have been the cause to believe Elkins was out, however Elkins did not fall to the cage floor.  Worthington offered a rematch for the fans, but was heavily booed.

The Co-Main event featured a fight between two local undefeated bantamweights featuring Team Corral’s 12-0-1, Jared “The Spider” McMahan vs Uflacker Academy/Team Toro’s Yusup Saadulaev.  A much anticipated fight among two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belts was set to take place.  Both fighters approached each other, as Yusup Saadulaev landed a hard leg kick and a punch to McMahan, and then slipped from the wet cage floor.  However, being an experienced grappler, he had no problem being on his back, as he wrapped up McMahan’s leg, and executed a sweep, quickly finishing McMahan off with a heel hook at just 16 seconds into the fight.  Yusup Saadulaev showed the audience that he is a serious top contendor, giving McMahan his first loss, and advancing his own professional career to 4-0.

Main Event approached with Duneland Vale Tudo’s undefeated Josh Shockley, up against Extreme Martial Arts’ Jeff Green.  Josh Shockley showed superior kickboxing, wrestling, and jiu jitsu in the fight, dominating all three rounds.  He maintained top position with punches, and successful guard passes.  He was once put on his back, but quickly was able to sweep Green and landed in mount.  Shockley opened a cut on the forehead of Jeff Green in the second round with a punching combo, and then landed a takedown.  Third round similar to the first two, Shockley managed to outstrike and outwork his opponent, winning a unanimous decision.

Official Results:

  • Brad Levin def Rob Morrow – Unanimous Decision
  • Nick Wayne def Matt O’Donnel – TKO – Rd 1 – 2:53
  • Jeremy Downs def Justin Felix – TKO – Rd 2 – 1:02
  • Stephan Roberson def Mike Heartline – KO – Rd 1 – 0:34
  • Bryan Fielder def Jake Himes – Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) – Rd 1 – 1:16
  • Charles Wilson def Kris Boyden – Submission (Triangle Choke) – Rd 1 – 1:20
  • John Kolosci def Scott Sands – Unanimous Decision
  • Ted Worthington def Darren Elkins – TKO – Rd 1 – 0:13
  • Yusup Saadulaev def Jared McMahan – Submission (Heel Hook) – Rd 1 – 0:16
  • Josh Shockley def Jeff Green – Unanimous Decision



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