Q & A with Chicagoland’s Newest MMA Promotion, Pure MMA Fighting

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ChicagoMMA.net spoke with representatives of Chicagoland’s newest mixed martial arts promotion, Pure MMA Fighting. Pure MMA will be holding their first event, entitled “Genesis,” on September 12th at the Odeum in Villa Park, IL.

Q: What prompted you to start Pure MMA Fighting? Give us a background about who you are and how Pure MMA fighting came into existence.

Pure MMA Fighting’s leadership is made up of MMA fighters, coaches and business professionals whose main goals are to thrive across a spectrum of live event sports, television production and Internet media, and to support and promote the true asset of the sport—the fighter. Our commitment to the fighter and their fans is the foundation of Pure MMA, and every event is built around promoting the fighter and entertaining the fans.

Q: What are the goals and visions of your new promotion?

The main foundation of Pure MMA is to spotlight the fighter. We strive to keep a commitment with not only the person in the cage but the fans sitting around it. Our vision for Pure MMA is to use our professionalism through training camps and coaches who want to reveal the talents and skills of those who are training and working to keep alive the traditions and everything else that mixed martial arts stands for.

Q: Tell us a little about the various coaches and camps whose fighters will be featured on your inaugural “Genesis” fight card on September 12th.

We are currently working with Jeff Neal to help us out with our match ups. Jeff has been working with a variety of coaches and camps in the greater Chicagoland area—and it’s been a real pleasure to work with Jeff.  He has been a key component in our organization bringing years of experience to help make Pure MMA Fighting a real success.

Q: Give us a quick preview of what we might see at Genesis. Will the card be an amateur or a professional card? What fighters and match-ups might we see? Tell us a little about the venue.

Our card consists mainly of amateur fighters, and we have some really great match-ups. (Click here for the full fight card). For our main event we have Gabe Salinas and Tim Nevinger who are both coming into this fight with an undefeated record.  In fact, our top three fights consist of fighters who all have undefeated MMA records—so it will be very exciting to see how the fights turn out in the end. Also, we are holding the event at the Odeum in Villa Park, IL. Pure MMA is all about having a really professional production, which will give the spectators and entirely different experience.

Q: What separates Pure MMA Fighting from the other promotions in the Chicagoland area?

In order to succeed in anything, but especially in MMA, it’s necessary to work hard and really love the adrenaline and the excitement of the sport. When you experience a Pure MMA Fighting event, you will immediately notice the difference between our mixed martial arts fighting event versus the others. Professionalism and true passion for the MMA sport radiate from every aspect of the event—from the live video feed, instant replay and professional commentaries, our MMA fight events are world-class featuring the best athletes in the sports world.

Q: Have you hired any ring card girls yet? If so, tell us about them!

We are currently in the process of selecting ring card girls. However, we are looking for women who want to be involved with the fight, support the fighters and work with Pure MMA to model and exhibit the positive image that is Pure MMA’s foundation

Q: Do you plan on holding events just in the suburbs of Chicago, or are you looking to expand to the state or even national level?

In the long run we would love to see Pure MMA become a national name in MMA fighting, so we are going to start locally and see where it takes us.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Pure MMA Fighting?

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