Q&A with C3 Welterweight Champion Deray Davis

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deraydavisWith a pro record of 5-0-1, Deray Davis is recently coming off a win and successful title defense against Quinton McCottrell at C3 Furious on May 9th. After a night of celebration, Deray Davis received a phone call to take a step up and fight for Bellator Fighting Championship on Friday, May 15th at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, IL. Being a training partner and friend of Deray, I managed to get an interview with Deray to hear his thoughts on his recent fight, his past career, and his upcoming fight for Bellator FC.
Chicago MMA: Tell us how your daily training goes to prepare for fights.
Deray Davis: I wake up around 11 or 12, and go to the gym from around 2:00 to 9:00 or 10:00 at night training.
Chicago MMA: Tell us your thoughts before you fought Quinton, and what you expected from him.
Deray Davis: My thoughts before the fight, I was cool, calm, and collective, until we got into it at the rules meeting.  Then I kind of lost my cool and lost my head.  What I expected out of Quinton was exactly what he did in the fight.  Look for a takedown… I kind of figured that he gonna try to win the fight by scoring takedowns and laying and praying on me, so my objective was to make sure he stayed on his feet and try to expose his weakness, which is his striking.
Chicago MMA: What are your thoughts on how the fight went?
Deray Davis: You know what, honestly I rather would have finished the fight.  I fought a smart technical fight, but I should have ended the fight really quick.  Stuff happens.  My conditioning felt good and I tried to keep him on the outside and not let my emotions take over so I could get caught with a punch or anything.
Chicago MMA: Is there anything that you saw out of Quinton that you did not expect from him?
Deray Davis: Yeah he’s a tough kid, he can take a beating.  I thought he was really soft and I should have walked through him, but he could take a beating.  He’s a tough and game opponent, so my hat goes off to him.
Chicago MMA: In your career so far, what was your toughest fight?
Deray Davis: Jay Buck.  So far, he was my toughest opponent.  My most memorable opponent was Rudy Bears, which was actually my only loss.
Chicago MMA: What would you consider your biggest win in your career?
Deray Davis: My biggest win would be in Elite XC when I beat John Kuhner.  That was a big stage, a big show, and opened up doors for me to get my face out there and get myself known more.  That was a pretty big win.  I came back from a  very tough round that honestly I lost.
Chicago MMA: Talk us through your experience with Elite XC.
Deray Davis: With Elite XC, that was a card I didn’t really want on at first because I had a tough fight already ahead of me.  But when somebody calls you with that opportunity, you can’t really say no.  I took the fight and they were very respectful and polite to the fighters.  It was a tough fight with a tough guy in a big organization and showed me how well I would perform on a big stage, and I’m looking forward to being on a big stage even more now.
Chicago MMA: You kind of got this Bellator fight last minute, talk to us about that.
Deray Davis: As far as the Bellator fight, I got the call a few days ago, after coming off of a fight this past Saturday.  Like I said, when big people call, you can’t really tell them no.  I’m really excited for the fight and have a tough guy I’m fighting, Jesse Juarez.  I’m looking forward to showcasing my talent and making a good impression to hopefully get signed to Bellator or any other big fight organization.
Chicago MMA: What do you know about your opponent Jesse Juarez?
Deray Davis: I know that he’s a decent wrestler.  He’s a national champion.  I’ve seen a couple of his fights, he’s tough, game, competitive, strong, and has tenacity.  It’s definitely another fight that I need for my career, I’m fighting a game opponent.  I know he fought in the IFL for the Sabres.  I’m definitely looking forward to showing my talent and showing the people how well I am.
Chicago MMA: What would a win for Bellator FC do for your career?
Deray Davis: Hopefully it will shoot me to the top.  Hopefully it’ll get me a contract that will lead to bigger pay days.  That’s what I’m looking for, ya know?  The fame, the glory, I’m definitely looking forward to it.  And if it does, it’ll open up the doors for my fellow team mates and my old team mates.
Chicago MMA: And the last question; Where do you see Deray Davis one year from now?
Deray Davis: One year from now, honestly I’d like to be in Strikeforce or the UFC fighting for a belt.



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