C3 Furious brings 11 fights of excitement

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May 9th was a night to remember at the Hammond Civic Center in Hammond Indiana, as Corral’s Combat Classic put together another night of exciting fights for C3 Furious. On the card featured Bantamweight standout Jared “The Spider” McMahan, Antonio Canas, C3 Welterweight Champion Deray Davis, Quinton McCottrell, UFC vet Chris Price, KOTC vet Aung La N Sang, and many more. With a loud and energetic crowd, C3 Furious delivered.

The event kicked off in the welterweight division, featuring 4-0 Ryan Brown vs 4-2 Josh Blanco. Brown came out explosive throwing punches that hurt Blanco enough to clinch with him to avoid further punishment. With a takedown attempt by Blanco, Ryan Brown glady accepted his change of where the fight would go, and pulled guard on the way down, where Ryan Brown has finished all four of his fights. Brown quickly put Blanco in a triangle choke, however it took about a minute and a half to get Blanco to finally tap out. Brown was declared the winner in round number 1, boosting his record to 5-0, with all first round submission wins.

The second fight of the night featured Milan Milutinovic vs Miguel Perez. Milan landed strikes at the start of the round, and then was taken down to the ground, however worked an omoplata to take Miguel’s back. Miguel Perez was controlled on the ground, and was only able to survive the round with his back taken the entire round. After losing a 10-8 round, Miguel Perez quickly submitted Milan with a standing guillotine choke in the second round. Impressive comeback for Perez.

C3 then had a showdown between Martin Jimenez vs Guillermo Serment. Jimenez’s last fight was a decision loss to Gilbert Grappling’s Dan Benoit at C3 Evolution in February at the Horseshoe Casino. For Jimenez’s second C3 fight, a win was something he wanted very much, and received that by submitting the FCE champion Guillermo Serment in a little over a minute by rear naked choke.

The next fight of the night was between Mike Welch and Mark Busch. Mike Welch quickly dominated Busch by taking him down, moving to mount, and unloaded a flurry of punches. After damaging Busch, Mike Welch grabbed an arm and executed an armbar, forcing Busch to tap.

At a catchweight of 150 lbs, Mike Sands took on Lee Gomez. The fight started off with a couple of punches thrown back and forth, but quickly resulted in a clinch. Sands being a former Purdue wrestler, was able to dominate from the tie up and take Gomez down. After controlling Lee Gomez from top position, Mike Sands eventually took his back and sunk in a rear naked choke. Gomez unable to escape, the fight ended with Mike Sands earning a first round submission victory, boosting his record to 4-0.

The next fight was between Team Colon’s Lloyd Carter, and Uflacker JiuJitsu’s Yusup Saaduliev. The round kicked off with strikes being thrown back and forth between Lloyd and Yusup. Lloyd Carter, more experienced on the feet, was able to keep his distance while being offensive at the same time. It was in and out for Lloyd, but eventually was taken down after Yusup was able to tie up. Being a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt, and Pan Am winner, Yusup Saaduliev was able to control the fight on the ground. Lloyd managed to reverse position and get on top, but the bell soon rang. Second round came as they exchanged more punches and kicks, causing Yusup’s nose to bleed profusely. Yusup eventually landed a huge slam, and then took Lloyd Carter’s back to sink in the rear naked choke. Very impressive fight for the both of them, and had the audience extremely entertained.

In the 155 pound division, Achour Esho went into battle with Victor Ditola. Both exchanged big punches landing on eachother, but with Esho’s boxing background, he was able to work through the exchanges and landed a hard uppercut, causing Ditola to drop to the canvas as Esho began to celebrate after seeing the bang his punch delivered. The ref declared it a knockout victory for Achour Esho.

Next C3 moved on to the heavyweights which was a very anticipated matchup. Boban Simic representing the country of Serbia, took on former state champion and Ohio State wrestler Anton Talamantes. Talamantes quickly took Boban down with a double leg takedown and worked from top, controlling Boban. Boban eventually was able to work his way back to his feet, however Talamantes was quick to out wrestle Simic and put him back onto his back. Boban worked his way back to the feet, as Talamantes looked extremely fatigued. The round ended with some punches exchanged, as the following round was in Boban’s favor. With Boban able to capitalize on Talamentes’ fatigued state, the Serbian threw punches until Talamantes dropped. The fatigue was what made Talamantes to fall the ground, as the ref stopped the fight declaring a TKO victory for the heavyweight Boban Simic, boosting his record to 6-2.

The next fight featured UFC vet Chris “The Exorcist” Price coming in with the record of 14-2, only two losses being against Ed Herman and Kendall Grove, took on King of the Cage vet Aung La N Sang. The two light-heavyweights took the fight to the ground, with Price on top in Sang’s guard. Aung La was able to sweep Price, who quickly reversed to gain top position again, however during his reversal was caught in a tight guillatine choke. Price had no choice but to tap out, declaring Aung La N Sang as the winner, pulling off the upset of the night.

The co main event came afterwards, and possibly the most anticipated fight in the fans’ eyes, which featured two bitter rivals as C3 Welterweight Champion Deray Davis, took on Quinton McCottrell. After three cancellations of the fight among the two in the past few years, C3 was finally the event that was able to make the fight happen. From the press confrence to the fighters’ meeting the day of the fight, Deray and Quinton have nearly engaged in combat before their actual fight took place, showing their pure hatred for eachother. Both fighters made their entrance into the ring, with one goal, to finally take out their long time enemy. The fighters came face to face under the ref’s supervision to hear last minute rules, as Deray Davis was able to get his final words in after years of talk among the two. When the ref asked if there were any questions on the mic, Deray Davis stated “Talk sh*t now boy!” as the audience errupted and both fighters were quickly sent back to their corners, before a pre fight fight occured, ala Heath Herring. The fight began, as Deray started off with a leg kick, resulting in a takedown on Quinton’s part. Quinton was able to stay on top of Deray, but due to his lack of action, they were stood back up. Deray began to pepper Quinton with jabs and kicks, however was taken down again. Davis eventually was able to make it back to his feet, as the bell rang to declare the round over. Round 2 began as Deray pushed the action a lot more, and had more successful takedown defense. After a takedown attempt by Quinton, Davis was able to load a Darce choke, however abandoned it to stand back up from the sprawl position. In a tie up against the turnbuckle, McCottrell turned away to avoid knees to the body, as the champion Deray Davis took his back and executed a hard slamming suplex that had to audience on their feet. Deray then stood back up, as he worked the jab and was able to break Quinton’s nose, causing Quinton to constantly be spitting out blood. A damaged Quinton McCottrell was able to make it out of the second round, as the final round came. Deray who had the far superior conditioning was able to work in and out throwing punches, knees, and kicks the entire round. The fight ended, as it went to a decision. Although the first judge scored a very questionable and controversial Draw, the second two judges scored the fight 29-28 Deray Davis. Deray took the majority decision. During the post fight interview, Deray stated that despite being the winner, was not happy about his performance and would be back to training immediately. The C3 champion also mentioned an interest in fighting Torres 170 lb fighter Juan Magana.

Main event came as hometown hero Jared McMahan took on Chicago’s Antonio Canas. Antonio had an elaborate entrance featuring a live rapper for his music, as Team Corral’s Jared McMahan’s entrance featured a live bagpipe and drum corps. The fighters squared off with punches being exchanged among the two fighters. Canas was able to land more punches and kicksto the crowd favorite Jared McMahan. After several exchanges of punches and kicks, the round came to an end, favoring Antonio “The Aztec God of War” Canas. Jared pushed the action more in the second round, and got ahold of Canas’ neck and jumped guard into a guillotine choke. After nearly a minute of being caught in it, Canas was able to slip his head out of Jared’s arms. Both fighters got back to their feet, with McMahan pushing the pace even more, and landed a hard left hand causing Canas to drop to the canvas. Jared rushed in to capitalize, but Canas was saved by the bell. The third round came up with more momentum building up for Jared, as both fighters exchanged punches and kicks on the feet. Canas landed hard leg kicks damaging “The Spider” as Jared fired back with hard body kicks in return. The fight made its way to the ground again, as Jared had a very active guard. Canas was able to slide his way out of each of Jared’s submission attempts however was able to get to his knees, and then take Canas down. He claimed side control, and quickly went to mount. After unloading punches and elbows, Canas gave up his back, but for the second time, was saved by the bell before Jared could get the choke in. Both fighters went to the center of the ring to hear Indiana’s top ring announcer Ray Flores read the decision. All three judges scored it 29-28 Jared McMahan. The audience was very loud cheering for McMahan, as he moved his undefeated record to 12-0-1.

In between fights, joining Jeff Neal, Jack McVicker, Jeff Curran, and Keith Wisniewski, Team Colon’s head coach Steve Colon was inducted into the C3 Hall of Fame for his dedication to his team and to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

C3 Bantamweight champion John Hosman was also interviewed by Joe Pawlus, as Hosman called out Jared McMahan if he were to win his fight. McMahan, who went on to victory, told the audience that he was informed of Hosman’s request to fight him. McMahan being the obvious number one contender, said that he wants his next fight would be against the champion John Hosman.

C3 Furious made a big impact that night, and brought many things to the table regarding local MMA. From the pre fight video interviews being projected, to the elaborate entrances, C3’s presentation put the event on the map.

Fight of the night: Jared McMahan vs Antonio Canas
Submission of the night: Aung La N Sang
Knockout of the night: Achour Esho



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