Video: 19 year old Josh Shockley scores win in Russia

Posted by Matt Giancarlo on March - 11 - 2009 with 1 Comment

Local rising star Josh Shockley has made a name for himself throughout Northwest Indiana — not only showcasing his dominating skills and athleticism in his fights, but also by catching the audience’s attention through his success at only 19 years of age.

Shockley fights out of Duneland Vale Tudo with training partners such as Keith Wisniewski, Darren Elkins, and Mark Burch.  Through constant training for his MMA career, he recently was presented with an opportunity that not many fighters get: to fight overseas in Russia.

With an undefeated record, Shockley stepped up for the challenge and flew to St. Petersburg, Russia at the end of February to fight for FightForce.  Shockley’s opponent was Vener Galiev, a tough, very experienced 34-year-old  with a pro record of 12-3.

February 28th marked the day that Josh Shockley, an unfamiliar face in Russia, made his presence known internationally.  On fight day, Shockley stood face to face with his opponent inside the ring.  After announcements made in Russian, the ref gave an internationally known message, which was a hand slap after pointing to each fighter, to signify that the fight has just started.

Vener Galiev was able to catch a leg kick thrown by Shockley, as Shockley then pulled guard.  With a wild attempt to pass guard with punches thrown by Galiev, Josh Shockley stayed calm and made short work of the Russian by loading an armbar from his guard, resulting in his opponent’s arm being broken at the time he tapped out.

Shockley ran across the ring in excitement and jumped on top of the ropes by the turnbuckle after a roughly 55 second first round win.  Shockley won over the audience the same way he does back at home.  Being only 19 years old, Josh Shockley has a long career of great fights ahead of him, and will be a person to pay attention to whether you are a fan looking for an exciting fighter, or another rising 155 lb fighter in the division.



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